English speaking doctors in Barcelona


Docteur anglais à Barcelone

Both private and public healthcare in Barcelona is of a high quality and has a good reputation worldwide. International patients have noticed the country’s fantastic treatment, and a high amount of foreigners travel to the city as medical tourists.

During your stay in the city (whether it is short or long term), you might have the need for medical assistance and you may probably feel more comfortable in an english speaking environment. If you need to see a doctor, you can contact Dr. Victoria Howe, who provides general medicine and surgery consultations. She works with an extensive network of english-speaking specialists for her referrals together with an english speaking lab. 

Our English speaking doctors are all internationally trained and are registered both in the Spanish General Council (COMB) and their home country council. For instance, our Cardiologist is american board-certified, our Women´s  health specialist is a member of the GMC (UK) and our Psychologist is a member of the London Therapy Society. 

If you need to be admitted to hospital, we will cater for all your needs and help you throughout the process. We collaborate with Quirón group hospitals (https://www.quironsalud.es/international/en/hospitals) for admissions and surgeries.

If you need to contact our doctor, please call us on 0034 672299222. 

Other emergency numbers are:

Ambulance: 061
Police: 088
EU Emergencies: 112
Fire: 080, 085
National Police 091