Dr Howe is a General Doctor and Surgeon, native both in English and Spanish. Following the completion of her medical degree at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Dr Howe then trained as a General and Digestive Surgeon (MIR). After years working in the public sector both in Spain and UK (ICS, NHS), she furthered her studies training as an Emergency Doctor. Dr Howe is also certified in general medicine/telemedicine by the CME American University and Harvard University.

Dr Howe has a solid international background, including several fellowships in the UK (Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh) and France (CHRU Hôpital Saint Eloi, Montpellier). She is currently the Clinical Head for the International Department and a medical consultant in Women´s Health.

Dr Howe has focused her career on concierge medicine, which entails a personalised, caring and human approach at her medical practice. 


When you join Dr. Victoria Howe´s practice,  you are investing in your well-being. You will have a one-to-one, personalised health care program founded on the close relationship you will have with your dedicated doctor. And you'll enjoy a range of conveniences and human care to fit your health, work, and lifestyle needs.

" .... someone that listens and makes the effort to understand the problem."

"Thanks for everything, Dr. Victoria. I feel amazing. Sleeping like a baby and back into my full gym routine. I very much appreciated your attentiveness. I travel constantly and don´t have regular doctor so it really is nice to talk so someone that listens and makes the effort to understand the problem. That´s hard to find. Three doctors and no results. One consultation with you and you nailed it first time. I´ll be back should I ever feel ill again."

- H.H

“Everything we needed and more.”

"We have found a doctor that we wish we could take with us in our travels. Dr. Howe has assisted us while our stay in Barcelona for 7 months and she is still now providing her medical advice back at home"

— L.G.

"We are very thankful"

"We wanted to thank you again for the time you spent this afternoon, for the detailed plan, for recommending the hospital, and for the letter introduction in Spanish. Your detailed care for your patient really helped us communicate and get the correct treatment throughout the day at the hospital. "

— E and C